How to import categories on Risor?
  • 11 Aug 2021
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How to import categories on Risor?

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How to Import Categories on Risor?

  You can manage categories on Risor in 2 ways.

How to log in to the web portal?

  • Step 1: Open Risor on your phone. Click on More and open Risor Web.

  • Step 2:  Open on your laptop or PC. Then point your phone to this screen to capture the QR code.

Finally, you can use Risor on your computer.

How to Bulk Import Categories Using Excel?

  • Step1: Click on the Imports option. From the drop-down list of Select Import Job Type. Choose Category Import option.

  • Step 2: Tap on Create New And Update Existing as your Import Option.

  • Step 3:  Click on the Download Template in the right-bottom corner.

Have a look at the sample template:

  • Step 4:  Enter the Category Code-  a unique user-defined code. For instance, kurtas and suits or it could be a number sequence like 1234 or a combination of both like 1234.

  •  Step 5: Enter the Category Name-  display name of the category. e.g. Ethnic wear, Suits, and palazzos.

  • Step 6; Fill in the crisp and relevant Description (Optional) of your category.

  •  Step 7: Enter the Parent Category Code (Optional) - If this is a subcategory of another category, then specify the parent category in this field. For Instance, Kurtas, Lehengas, Tops are subcategories of Ethnic wear category.

  • Step 8:  Set to TRUE if Subcategories are allowed (Optional) or else, False.

  • Step 9: Add the URL of the images (Optional) of the categories in the MS-EXCEL sheet.

  • Step 10: Save the file in .csv format. Then you will be transferred to the home screen again. Here, click on the Upload file button and Submit it.

In case there is any error in importing the file, you can see it in the right hand side of the page.

We hope you find this guide helpful. :)

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