How to manage variants/sets?
  • 12 Aug 2021
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How to manage variants/sets?

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How to add variants/ sets?

You can add variants/ sets of your product by following the instructions given below.

  Step 1: Open the Risor AppHomepage. In the bottom bar, click on Products.

Step 2:  Then click on the + button to add a new product.

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Step 3:  There, you will have three options to choose from. 

  1. Add product (One at a time) 

  2. Add product using images ( Bulk products in one go)

  3. Manage categories

Click on either of the first two options.

Step 4:  Click on +Add variantssets of your product. 

If you sell your products in Sets i.e. combinations of variants like Size sets (e.g. set of XS, S, M, L, XL) or Color sets (e.g. Orange, Blue, Yellow) then create Sets.

If you want to give your buyer an option to select from different variations then create variants.

For example, if you sell a Shirt in 2 colors - White, Red, and in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) but you only sell all 5 sizes together and not separately then you need to create a Size-set and Color-variant i.e. the customer can choose the color of his preference.

Step 5:  After clicking on Add variantssets you will land on a new page.

Step 6: If you want to add variants, choose the appropriate option based on your product selling options.

  • Size

  • Color

  • Make Your Variant - If you have variations apart from size/color, like Capacity, Speed, etc.

In case you have other variants apart from size and color, then you can choose the third option i.e. Make your variant.

*Tick the "Save this variant for future use" option, if you have the same variants for multiple products.

And, click on the Add icon to add this variant to the product.

Step 7: If you sell in sets, choose the appropriate option of size or color set. Below is an example of a Color set.

e.g. - Here, 5 pieces of blue and 2 pieces of green are sold together as a single set.

Or, you can make a Size set, like given below:

Here one piece of each size XS, S, M, and L are sold as 1 Size set.

*Tick the option "Save this set for future use" if you sell many products in the same size set configuration.

Step 8:  Finally, click on the Save option.

We hope you find this guide useful. :)